About us

Hello from sunny San Diego! My name is Sammii; my husband Adam and I have been in the catering industry since 2010. We owned a catering and wholesale distribution business selling sandwiches and salads to coffee carts and pharmacies. We had an extensive menu for every party, meeting and event, to ensure that we had something to please everyone. Then, in Sept. 2015, I came to my husband with an idea; creating unique nachos with a variety of chips and toppings. The flavor combinations ran wild between our thoughts, and within 3 weeks, 'Gnarly Nachos' was born. With 5 chip options to choose from and over 18 hot & cold toppings, there is a perfect nacho for every taste preference. We added the option of tater tots in 2017 and it has become our most popular nacho yet- the Tater Tot-cho (chips AND tater tots). Adding tater tots sprung new signature creations such as the California Burrito Nacho with carne asada and tots- which quickly has become our #1 seller.

Who doesn't like nachos? It's an easy choice for everyone; with options for vegetarians, meat lovers, and classic style nacho enthusiasts. With years of testing the best nacho combinations behind us, we herby present to you, the #bestnachosever.

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